Attachments for the Strong Arm Lift

Rock Bucket Attachment
Rock Bucket Attachment

Rock Bucket

The rock bucket attachment bolts onto the horseshoe of the lift.

The bucket has tines welded on to it letting the dirt sift back into the field while you raise the rock into you UTVS bed.

The tines are made out of AR steel which work great for digging rocks out of the ground. It allows the tines to bend a little without breaking and once the stone is free they go back to their original shape.The tines are shaped in a manner that help the operator pick up a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

This attachment can be used for other lifting as well for example wood, bags etc.

Log and bag loader / platform

The log and bag loader is a great multi task attachment for your UTV.

It attaches to the horseshoe of your lift. It can be used in many different ways, such as taking it to the woods to load up fire wood.

Another great use for the platform is for loading feed bags into your UTV.
It is also great for taking to the woods to load your deer.

This attachment is a great way for an individual to be able to pick heavy materials into your UTV’s bed with out having to load it yourself.

Log and bag loader attachment
Log and bag loader attachment
Bucket Hoist Attachment
Bucket Hoist Attachment

Bucket Hoist

One of the most popular attachments that we offer is the bucket hoist.

This attachment works well with anyone with a handicap or an individual not able to carry or lift buckets into their UTV bed.

The lift once again fastens to the horseshoe of your lift. The pole has a nice handle on the side of it to help users position the pole where they need it.

Once you have your alignment with the pole you can run the electric winch to drop the hook down to the bucket or whatever else you are picking up. Once you have enough cable to reach your object simply hook it to the object.

Using the remote for the winch, pick up the bucket so it clears the UTV bed. Once over the bed use the handle on the side of the pole to spin the bucket over the bed. Once there just let the wench back out.

This attachment not only goes into the horseshoe, it also comes with a standard 2-inch receiver, meaning that you would also be able to hook this attachment into the hitch of you UTV or even your truck receiver.

The lift also works great for loading your deer or wild game into your UTV or truck bed.

Deer Skinning Pole

The deer skinning pole and yoke is a great tool to have if you’re a hunter or run a hunting lodge.

After you load your deer into the UTV by using the platform attachment, you can quickly attach the deer pole to lift your deer for skinning.

To operate the pole simply put the pole down to the ground.

Once you have the yoke attached to the deer, attach the yoke to the skinning pole.

After you have both attached just raise the lift to desired height with the remote. Using this attachment will let you skin your deer without having to bend over.

Deer Skinning Pole
Material Bucket Attachment

Material Bucket

The material bucket is another very useful attachment that we offer.

This attachment would require the platform attachment as well as the top bucket.

This attachment is used in many different ways and is great for homeowners, landscapers, or even for gravel and bark.

How this bucket works is quite simple.
Just let the bucket all the way to the ground, and shovel in the material.

Once you have your desired amount inside, grab the remote and lift to dump into you bed.

This attachment saves you from using a wheelbarrow, or driving a heavy trailer across your yard.

It is an easy and less messy approach to completing your landscaping.

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